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For that perfect cup of coffee…

The following steps will assist one in making a delicious cup of Kona Coffee.

1.Store coffee in an airtight container in a cool place. Whole bean coffee stays fresh longer than ground.

2.Always use the correct grind for your method of brewing. The wrong grind will result in weak or bitter coffee. In general, the faster the brewing method, the finer the grind. We use a French press, the best method of brewing an exquisite cup of Kona Coffee.

3.Use fresh cold water; hot water produces a stale taste and soften water gives an off taste to the coffee.

4.Use the recommended amount of coffee; six tablespoons for a 12 cup coffeemaker.

5.Make sure the coffee brewer is clean and thoroughly rinsed as coffee picks up other flavors easily.

6.Remove the grounds from the brew to prevent bitterness (if using a French press or similar brewer).

7.Serve coffee immediately, as coffee that sits on a burner becomes stale quickly. Brewed coffee begins to lose its taste after 20 minutes, and is beyond drinking after an hour.

8.Never reheat cooled coffee, as its flavor will be compromised.

9.The use of an air pot, thermos or other vacuum container will prolong the flavor and temperature of coffee for an extended period of time.