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K Cups by Cherry Hill Estate: 16 pack

Item# Kcup16

Product Description

Hawaii Coffee Association Award winner for 2009-2016. Cherry Hill Estate received The Certificate of Excellence in the statewide competition for the last seven consecutive years! An outstanding achievement very few producers of Kona Coffee can boast. Cherry Hill Coffee is an excellent high elevation, low acidity Kona coffee. Our coffee is available in Medium, Rainbow and Dark.

Order medium is for those who love a smooth yet lively flavor.

Rainbow is our number 1 seller and my personal favorite! Rainbow is a special blend of our medium and dark coffee. This fabulous mix gives one the smoothness of a medium yet the full-bodied flavor of a dark coffee. The best of both flavors yields an awarding winning coffee.

Order dark roast for those who love a full-bodied coffee without the burned taste of other coffee roasters.